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Recent Publications

"The Importance of Candidate Sex and Partisan Preference Over Time: A Multi-Day Study of Voter Decision-Making (with David Andersen). Forthcoming, Journal of Politics

"Information Search as a Mediating Variable in the Relationship between Racial Prejudice and Voting Behavior."  2019. Political Psychology

"The Direct and Indirect Effects of Prejudice: Sexism and Information Search in Political Campaigns" 2019. Politics, Groups and Identities.


 "Mitigating Gender Bias in Student Evaluations of Teaching." (with David Peterson, Lori Biederman, David Andersen and Kevin Roe). 2019.  PLoS one.


"Gender Differences in Automatic Inferences of Competence, Attractiveness, and Threat" (with Kyle Mattes). 2018. Journal of Women, Politics and Policy.

"Information and its Presentation: Gender Cues and Exaggerated Treatment Effects" (with David Andersen) 2018. Political Analysis.

"Two’s a Crowd: Women Candidates in Concurrent Elections" (with David J. Andersen). 2018. Journal of Women Politics and Policy 39(3): 257-284. 

"(Working Toward) Affective Transfer in the Real World" (with Richard R. Lau). 2018. in The Feeling, Thinking Citizen: Essays in Honor of Milt Lodge (Howard Lavine and Charles S. Taber, eds). pp. 229-250.


“A Face Fit for Office? Appearance-Based Competence Inferences in High-Information Environments” 2018.  Electoral Studies.


“Measuring Voter Decision Strategies in Political Behavior and Public Opinion Research” (with Richard R. Lau and Mona S. Kleinberg). 2018. “Measuring Voter Decision Strategies in Political Behavior and Public Opinion Research” Public Opinion Quarterly 82 (S1): 325-350.


“A High Bar or a Double Standard? Gender, Competence, and Information in Political Campaigns.” 2017. Political Behavior, 39(2), pp. 301-326. DOI: 10.1007/s11109-016-9357-5


“Effect of Media Environment Diversity and Advertising Tone on Information Search, Selective Exposure, Learning, and Affective Polarization” (with Richard R. Lau, David J. Andersen, Mona Kleinberg and David P. Redlawsk) 2017. Political Behavior 39(1): pp. 231-255. DOI: 10.1007/s11109-016-9354-8


"Gender Stereotypes, Information Search, and Voting Behavior in Political Campaigns" (with Allison Hamilton and David Redlawsk). 2014. Political Behavior; 36:2 (335-358).


“AMPing Racial Attitudes: Comparing the Power of Explicit and Implicit Racism Measures in 2008” (With Richard R. Lau and David O. Sears). 2013. Political Psychology, 34:4 (487-510).

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